Nongshim Sengseng Udon 276g

Nongshim Sengseng Udon 276g


Nongshim Sengseng Udon 276g

Contents: 276 g


Noodle / wheat flour (Australian), modified starch, rice bran oil (Thailand), refined salt, gluten, vegetable flavor oil, acidity regulator, lactic acid, fresh green onion oil, egg white powder, propylene glycol alginate, lecithin

Soups/purified water, udon base, brewed soy sauce, mirim, bonito aging base, amino acid soy sauce, katsuo extract, glucose, refined salt, anchovy concentrate, kelp extract, white sugar, glycine, shiitake concentrate, yeast seasoning, disodium succinate, starch tempura , Dried meat, dried rice, dried green onion, sour taste regulator (acidity regulator, gardenia yellow), grilled gim lake, seasoned dried red pepper

Storage method: Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and store in a cool dry place.

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