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Beksul Beef Ribs Sauce 290g

Beksul Beef Ribs Sauce 290g


Beksul Beef Ribs Sauce 290g


* Weight: 290g

* Ingredients:
mixed soy sauce (amino acid solution (skim soybean: Indian acid), brewed soy sauce solution (Taiwanese acid) (soybean, wheat), refined salt, liquid fructose), white sugar, liquid fructose, pear puree 13.5% (pear (domestic), Vitamin C), onion, purified water, garlic, apple puree 2.5% (apple: domestic), mirim, amino acid solution MW--1, refined salt, seasoning extract, green onion extract, black pepper, ginger extract, citric acid, xanthan gum, caramel Pigment, sesame.

* Allergy information: Contains soybean and wheat

* Storage method: Store at room temperature, refrigerate after opening

※ Product design may change due to manufacturer circumstances, and products may be mixed and shipped prior to origin change depending on production and distribution timing.

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