Bibigo Pork and Vegetable Meatball 500g

Bibigo Pork and Vegetable Meatball 500g


Bibigo Pork & Vegetable Meatball 500g


* Weight: 560g


* Ingredients:
Pork 48.30% (imported: Canada, the United States, Denmark, etc.), onion (domestic), tofu 9.66% {soybean (imported), tofu coagulant}, carrot, purified water, cabbage, green onion, legumes, leek, Sugar, brewed soy sauce, garlic, grain processed products, separated soy protein, complex seasoning food, sesame oil, refined salt, sesame leaf, flavor enhancer, mixed agent (sodium polyphosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium methphosphate), ginger powder, pepper

*Contains pork, soybeans and wheat


* Storage method: Frozen storage

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