Ottogi Sesame Ramen (1pk/5pks)

Ottogi Sesame Ramen (1pk/5pks)


Ottogi Sesame Ramen (1pk/5pks)


Weights: 1pk / 5pks



1. Noodles: Wheat flour (wheat: American, Australian), modified starch, palm oil (Malaysia), potato starch, gluten, refined salt, noodle-added alkali agent (acidity regulator), emulsified oil, garlic seasoning, roasted sesame powder, guar gum , Vitamin B2, green tea flavor oil
2. Soups: savory sesame egg block {eggs (Korea), green onions (Chinese)}, refined salt, glucose, soy sauce powder, red pepper flavor extract oil, sesame oil, red pepper powder, savory flavor powder, corn starch, spicy red pepper seasoning powder, Umami base, soy sauce base, spicy seasoning powder, sugar, taste broth powder, seasoning broth powder, savory flavored rice milk, alpha corn powder, rich umami flavor powder, soybean oil, pepper powder, roasted garlic powder, meat meat sauce powder, beef broth Powder, garlic seasoning powder, roasting flavor powder, roasting seasoning powder, roasted sesame powder, flavor enhancer, beef bone concentrate powder, spicy chili extract, chili extract, acidity regulator, green onion, fried sesame seeds, dried seaweed, roasted seaweed

*Contains wheat, soybean, egg milk, beef, pork, squid, shellfish (including oysters and mussels)


Storage method: Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight and consume immediately after opening.


※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and the product before the change of origin may be mixed and shipped depending on the time of production and distribution.