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JONGGA Bean Curd 160g

JONGGA Bean Curd 160g


JONGGA Bean Curd 160g

Contents: 160 g


① Tofu: Tofu 52% Soybean 93% (foreign-made US, Australia, Canada, etc.), soybean oil soybean (foreign-made Brazil, Paraguay, USA, etc.), mixed preparation glycerin ester, propylene glycol, seasoned tofu, fermented alcohol), Silicon resin], tofu coagulant, tofu coagulant 2, mixed preparation (vegetable oil, lecithin, gallium carbonate), mixed soy sauce [skim soybeans (imported-made in India, made in USA, made in China), other|fructose, sea salt (made in Australia), wheat, fermentation Alcohol, sugar, purified water, D-sorbitol liquid, [refined salt (domestic), ginger concentrate (ginger: domestic)], L-glutamic acid sodium (flavor enhancer), citric acid
② Sauce: purified water, other fructose. Sugar 1, refined salt (domestic), fermented malt extract 0.2% (US: 100% of barley, based on 80 Brix), alcohol, fermented nutrient], sugar 2, Cheongju (rice: domestic, alcohol), DL-apple, flavor Enhancer
③ Seasoned stir-fry: Stir-fried sesame seeds (seam: imported-made in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc.), fried egg fresco | Ike-1 (whole egg flour (eggs: Danish, domestic), starch (imported), flour, egg white flour, glycerin ), stir-fried black sesame (black sesame: made in China), dried carrot, dried green onion

Contains soybeans, wheat and eggs

Storage method: Refrigerated storage

※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and the product before the change of origin may be mixed and shipped depending on the time of production and distribution.

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