Crown Kukdas (White Torte) 72g

Crown Kukdas (White Torte) 72g


Crown Kukdas (White Torte)


* Weight: 72g


* Ingredients:
Wheat flour (wheat, American), white sugar, shortening [palm esterification oil (Malaysia), palm kernel esterification oil (Malaysia)], egg white liquid (egg), processed oil, lactose (milk), processed butter, mixed milk, deco processing Chocolate, coconut premix, snack base powder, emulsifier, lecithin (soybean), refined salt, acidity regulator, synthetic flavoring agent (vanillin, vanilla flavor, coconut flavor)


*Allergy information:
This product is manufactured in the same facility as peanut and pork products. If you have a sensitive reaction to wheat, soybean, milk, or egg, check the raw material name before eating.