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Cj Dadam Clam Soft tofu stew Sauce 140g

Cj Dadam Clam Soft tofu stew Sauce 140g


Cj Dadam Clam Soft tofu stew Sauce 140g


purified water, chopped seasoning [pepper seasoning {pepper powder (pepper: Chinese)}, refined salt (domestic), beef seasoning oil base, lecithin], dextrin, clam base 1 {vegetable base (cabbage: domestic), pants Extract (Pants Rock: Made in China)}, Shellfish Broth 2 {Vegetable Base (Chinese Cabbage: Domestic), Clam Extract (Clam: Made in China)}, Chopped Garlic (made in China), Chopped Onion, Sake, Seaweed Anchovy Extract, low sugar, Chili Oil, Red pepper powder, clam concentrate 1, pants concentrate 2, liquid extract enzymes, mixed seafood extract, brewed soy sauce, refined salt, flavor enhancer, green onion juice, vegetable base powder, xanthan gum

* Please understand that products can be mixed and shipped before the country of origin changes depending on the time of production and distribution.


Allergy information: Contains soybean, wheat, shrimp, squid, beef, shellfish (including oysters)

· This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities such as egg, milk, buckwheat, peanut, mackerel, crab, pork, peach, tomato, walnut, chicken, and pine nuts.

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