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 Cj Cupbahn Bean Paste Sauce Bibimbap (Gangdoenjang)

Cj Cupbahn Bean Paste Sauce Bibimbap (Gangdoenjang)


Cj Cupbahn Soybean Paste Sauce Bibimbap (Gangdoenjang)


* Weight: 280g

* Ingredients:
-Cooked Rice Water, Rice 46.7%, Acidity Regulator (E575),
-Soybean Paste Bibimbap Sauce, Tofu [Water, Soybean, Preservative (E226), Acidity Regulator (E575), Firming Agent (E511), Soybean Oil, Emulsifier (E471, E322), Acidity Regulator (E504), Salt], Water Seasoned Soybean Paste [Soybean Paste, Garlic, Clam Stock (Littleneck Clam Extract, Salt), Water, Onion, Kelp Anchovy Extract [Corn Syrup, Anchovy Extract, Salt, Kelp Extract, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Thickener (E415)], Anchovy Powder, Red Pepper Powder, Salt, Flavor Enhancer [E627, E631], Sugar, Sliced Shiitake Mushroom [Shiitake Mushroom, Salt, Acidity Regulator (E330)], Onion, Potato, Red Pepper, Hot Pepper, Sugar, Modified Starch Mix [Modified Starch (E1414), Maltodextrin], Flavor Enhancer (E621), Clam Stock (Vegetable Extract, Maltodextrin, Littleneck Clam Extract, Kelp Extract, Salt, Water, Onion Concentrate, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein), Shrimp Stock (Shrimp Extract, Mussel Extract, Salt, Glucose, Yeast Extract), Brown Rice Oil [Brown Rice Oil, Antifoaming Agent (E900)], Col our (E160c).


* Storage method: Store in a cool, well-ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight or dampness.

※ Product design may change depending on the manufacturer's circumstances, and products may be mixed and shipped before the country of origin changes depending on the time of production and distribution.

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