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Chilgap Nongsan Cold Noodles (noodle with broth) 842g

Chilgap Nongsan Cold Noodles (noodle with broth) 842g


Chilgap Nongsan cold noodles(noodle with broth) 842g


Raw material name:

Noodles - wheat flour (wheat/USA, Australian), tapioca tapioca starch (Vietnam, potato starch (Poland)], acorn powder (acorn: made in China), red buckwheat flour, black rice flour, noodles added alkali agent (sodium carbonate, carbonic acid) calcium), arrowroot powder 0.34% (made in China), alcohol


Naengmyeon Broth - Purified water, high fructose sugar, brewed vinegar [alcohol, fermented nutrients, malt extract (USA)], processed salt (refined salt: korean), beef extract [mixed soy sauce (skim soybean: foreign/India, US, China, etc.) , beef (Australia)], acidity regulator, mixed agent (cucumber flavor, alcohol), kimchi seasoning powder


Dadaegi - Purified water, mixed red pepper garlic, refined salt, ginger), onion (korean), sugar, soy sauce [skimmed soybean (India), sea salt (Australia), high fructose, wheat, alcohol], garlic, sesame oil, Brewed vinegar, complex seasoning food, stir-fried sesame


Mustard Oil Soup - Soybean Oil (Soybean: Foreign/Argentina, USA, Vietnam, etc.), Mustard Oil (Mexico)



Contains wheat, buckwheat, soybean and beef


Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight

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