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Bibigo Pogi Kimchi 2kg

Bibigo Pogi Kimchi 2kg


Bibigo Pogi Kimchi 2kg

Weight: 2kg

Ingredients: Pickled cabbage 68.01 % [Chinese cabbage 98% (korea), sea salt (korea)], radish (korea), red pepper powder (korea), CJ umami sauce, CJ kimchi seasoning paste, garlic (korea), pear puree [pear (korea)] korea)], chives (korea), chives [or freshly] (korea), CJ shrimp sauce, green onion (korea), Haseonjeong Namhaean luxury anchovy sauce [anchovy (korea)], ginger (korea), lactic acid bacteria culture solution, fructose crystals / Contains shrimp and soy


Storage method: refrigerated storage

※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and depending on the time of production and distribution, products before the change of origin may be mixed and sent.

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