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[LX00002] Yours Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen (1pk / 4pks)

[LX00002] Yours Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen (1pk / 4pks)


Yours Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen (1pk / 4pks)


Raw material name:

Noodles / Wheat flour (USA, Australian), palm oil (Malaysia), potato starch (Germany, Danish), modified starch, refined salt, gluten, sweetening oil S, vegetable broth, noodle added alkali agent (calume carbonate sodium carbonate, dibasic acid) sodium), guar gum, acidity regulator, green flavor extract, vitamin B2, propylene glycol alginate


Soup/Kimchi {pickled cabbage (cabbage: korean, salt: korean), jonggajip kimchi paste, radish, red pepper powder (korean), onion}, Omori kimchi seasoning (Omori old paper extract, anchovy sauce, Omori seasoning powder, purified water, lactic acid, Paprika extract pigment), pork belly, refined salt, L-glutamate sodium (flavor enhancer), stir-fried red pepper powder, broth flavored rice powder, pork bone concentrate powder, denatured powder, kimchi flavor powder, purified water, beef bone miso powder, kimchi soup base, complex soy sauce seasoning Powder, sugar, soy sauce powder, kimchi stew powder, garlic seasoning powder, red pepper paste seasoning powder, Jimmy base, Cheongyang red pepper extract powder, black pepper powder, seasoned onion powder, spicy seasoning powder, acidity regulator, flavor enhancer, paprika extract pigment, garlic flavor oil, dextrin


*Specific ingredients: 7.2% dried geomchi in powdered soup, 77% kimchi in kimchi soup (7.0% from Omori fermented kimchi)


Contains milk, soybean, wheat, shrimp, pork, beef, shellfish (including oysters and mussels)

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