[KQ159] Post Oreo Oz 250g

[KQ159] Post Oreo Oz 250g


250g Post Oreo Oz


Weight: 250g (for about 8 times)


Ingredients: corn flour (corn-Australia), sugar, cookie powder 6.8% [wheat flour (wheat-Australia, USA), sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil-Malaysia), cocoa powder, starch syrup, lecithin], marshmallow [sugar, Modified starch, starch syrup, glucose, gelatin], cocoa powder (Singapore), vanilla flavor crunch, vegetable cured oil, mixed three grains (brown rice powder, barley powder, oat powder), starch syrup, synthetic fragrance (vanilla cream flavor, chocolate flavor), Mixed preparations (third calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate), refined salt, mixed preparations (vitamin C, dl-A-tocopheryl acetate, niacinamide, powdered vitamin A, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin D3, vitamin B1 hydrochloride, folic acid, maltodextrin ), ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, sodium vitamin B2 phosphate ester

*Contains wheat, soybeans, milk, and pork


How to store: Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight and be sure to seal it after opening.


※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and the product before the change of origin may be mixed and shipped depending on the time of production and distribution.