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Lotte Pepero Almond 47g

Lotte Pepero Almond 47g


Lotte Pepero Almond 47g


Weight: 47g

Wheat flour (wheat-imported), white sugar, cocoa supplement [(battery milk powder), cocoa max], vegetable oil, lactose, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, shortening, other processed products, grain processed products, processed butter, whole egg liquid (egg) , Acidity adjusting agent, Whole powder gold 1, Starch syrup, Emulsifier (soybean), Refined salt, Liquid fructose, Synthetic flavoring agent (Palm Brad flavor, Vanilla flavor), Peanut powder, Vitamin E, Yeast, Enzyme

Allergy information: This product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as peanut products.


Place of origin: Korea

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