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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Superman London provides the quickest and the best grocery delivery service. You can get your items delivered by 10 pm on the day you order when if you finished your payment before 12 pm (noon). 

Superman London only provides direct delivery, not using any kinds of courier services, such as DHL, or UPS.

Return & Exchange Policy

We’d like you to be happy with everything you purchase from Superman London. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to make cancellation or refund of an order already delivered to the designated recipient shall be allowed, except: (a) when the delivered product was defective or expired; (b) when the product was delivered damaged. If you have those issues, do not hesitate to contact us through email or text. We will help to refund, return, or exchange in the above two cases. If a package and/or product are/is tampered with, no refund shall be allowed.

If you need to make cancellation of your order, we will help you when you contact us through email or text before noon. However, if you ordered including collaborated items such as 208 bakery, Hanok in London etc, you have to contact us by 9 am.

If you purchase a product that is out of stock, we will inform you immediately and refund payment within seven days of the paid date or cancel all transactions within seven days of its occurrence date if payment has not been received.

For further help and support with your order please send us a Wix message, text, email or call us on 07883 301889.

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