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Ottogi Curry Powder(Medium Spicy)100g

Ottogi Curry Powder(Medium Spicy)100g


Ottogi Curry Powder(Medium Spicy)100g


* Weight: 100g

* Ingredients:
wheat flour (wheat: American / Australian), dextrin, curry powder 10.5% [Turmeric (Indian), Coriander (Morcolic acid), cumin, fenugreek, Cornell], mixed cooking oil [Palm olein oil (Malaysian), palm Stearin oil (from Malaysia)], refined salt, corn moisture, complex seasoning food, vegetable cream, onion flavored powder, garlic flavored powder, sugar, modified starch, spicy spices, seasoned red pepper flavor, seasoned seasoning, seasoned milk, pepper Powder, soy sauce powder, yeast extract, fruit sauce powder

* Allergy information: [Beef, wheat, tomato, milk, soybean, shellfish (oyster) included]
This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities such as pork, chicken, squid, shrimp, eggs, pine nuts, and shellfish.

* Storage method: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and be sure to seal it after opening.

※ Product design may change depending on the manufacturer's circumstances, and products may be mixed and shipped before the country of origin changes depending on the time of production and distribution.

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