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Nongshim Potato Noodles (1pk / 5pks)

Nongshim Potato Noodles (1pk / 5pks)


Nongshim potato noodles


Weight: 100g


1.Noodle- potato starch (Germany), wheat flour (US, Australia), palm oil (Malaysia), gluten, potato powder (Germany), egg shell calcium, refined salt, garlic seasoning, noodles added alkali (acidity regulator), mixed preparation ( Acidity regulator), oligo-green tea flavor solution, vitamin B2.

2.Soup- Vegetable powder, cabbage juice powder, refined salt, complex seasoned soy sauce powder, fried onion powder, starch syrup powder, soy sauce powder, beef seasoned powder, freeze-dried onion powder, 5-ribonucleotide disodium, garlic base, white sugar, seasoned amino acid soy sauce Powder, broth flavor seasoning base, umami flavor powder, disodium succinate, pepper extract powder, spicy flavor seasoning, ginger extract powder, dried pak choi, fried potato (made in China), dried shiitake mushrooms, seasoned dried red chilli rings. , Beef seasoning powder 3.4%

* Special ingredients: 50% of medium potato starch, 2.5% of potato powder, and 4.2% of potato soup


Allergy information:
[Contains wheat, soybean, egg, pork, chicken and beef]


Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place.

Place of origin: Korea

Product Information: Please note that product information may differ from the actual product due to manufacturer changes.

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