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Kwangdong Jujube SSangwhacha 150ml

Kwangdong Jujube SSangwhacha 150ml


Kwangdong Jujube SSangwhacha 150ml


Content: 150ml


purified water, other fructose, other sugar, ginger twin concentrate (55% solids, jujube (made in China), Angelica (made in China), sujijihwang (made in China), brown root, astragalus, celestial, licorice, peony, health, cinnamon) 17%, Jujube concentrate (solid 60%, jujube: domestic) 0.3%, ginger concentrate (solid 18%, ginger: domestic) 0.15%, concentrated apple juice (with more than 72 Brix ° sugar), dextrin, natural flavor (ginger essence), molasses, citric acid , Trisodium citrate, synthetic scent (jujube flavor), tangerine peel extract concentrate (tank peel: Jeju acid), re-salt, pectin, xanthan gum, enzymatic treatment stevia, licorice extract


Storage method: Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, and eat as soon as possible after opening. Do not store for more than 2 weeks in warm conditions (50 ~ 60 ℃), and be careful of burns.

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