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Daelim Crab stick 300g

Daelim Crab stick 300g


Daelim Crab stick 300g

Weight : 300g

63.5% paste (imported acid / fish meat, white sugar, di-sorbitol, acidity regulator), wheat starch (wheat), soybean oil, refined salt, glycine, soy protein, egg white (egg), seasoning liquid, crab extract, calcium carbonate , L-sodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), scent 0.46% (synthetic fragrance), natural colorant (red yeast pigment, cochinyl extract pigment, paprika extract pigment, lacquer pigment), acidity regulator

Storage method: Refrigerated storage

※ Product design may change depending on the manufacturer's circumstances, and products may be mixed and shipped before the country of origin changes depending on the time of production and distribution.

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