Lotte custard Original 138g (6 Pack)

Lotte custard Original 138g (6 Pack)


Lotte custard 138g (6 pieces)

Content: 138g (28g X 6)

Ingredients: whole egg solution (egg-domestic), white sugar, nutritious wheat flour (wheat flour (wheat)-American, nutritional enhancer), shortening (partially cured oil, soybean), fructooligosaccharide, D-sorbitol solution, vegetable oil, milk, Whole powder gold I, whole powder gold I-1, other starch syrup, glycerin, mixed preparations (fermented spirits, lactic acid), egg yolk powder, chitosan powder (crab), sugar syrup, fruit wine, refined salt, synthetic flavors (custard flavor, vanilla flavor) , Brandy flavor), beta-carotene, emulsifier, vitamin E, milk syrup, poly dextrose

Storage method: Store in direct sunlight and in a place with low temperature and humidity.

※ Product design may change depending on the manufacturer's circumstances, and products may be mixed and shipped before the country of origin changes depending on the time of production and distribution.