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Paldo Bibimyeon (1pk / 5pks)

Paldo Bibimyeon (1pk / 5pks)


Paldo Bibimyeon (1pk / 5pks)


* Contents: 130g


* Ingredients:
1.Noodle- wheat flour (US, Australia), palm oil ((Malaysia)), potato starch (Germany, Denmark), refined salt, sweet milk S, noodle-added alkaline (potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium pyrophosphate), guar gum, acidity Conditioner, green tea flavor
2.Soup- Sugar, purified water, delicious soybean paste, seasoned soy sauce, refined salt, dextrin, red pepper powder, vinegar, red pepper extract, flavor base, apple concentrate juice, garlic extract, sesame sesame oil, mustard powder, yeast extract, acidity regulator, onion concentrate , Guar gum, paprika extract, flavor enhancer, sesame, seaweed, dumpling flavor oil
※ In the soup, apple concentrate juice (solid content 72%) 1.83%, delicious pure red pepper paste 9.63%, whole sesame oil 1.38% hamchu


* Allergy information: wheat, ramen, soybean, pork, chicken, beef

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