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Ottogi Jajang Powder 100g

Ottogi Jajang Powder 100g


Ottogi Jajang Powder 100g

Contents: 100 g


Ingredients: Jjajang powder 23% [Chunjang (wheat: American/, soybean: imported), caramel color, dextrin), wheat flour (wheat: American/Australia), white sugar, refined salt, true flavor Jjajang seasoning (jajang flavored powder, dextrin, Corn starch, refined salt, Jjajang base), onion seasoning mix, potato mixed starch, mixed cooking oil, mixed preparation (modified starch, white sugar, dextrin), caramel color, roasted onion powder, rice flour, soy sauce powder, seasoning seasoning, vegetable Degradation protein

* Allergy Information: Contains wheat, soybeans, milk, pork, beef, and chicken


Storage method: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and be sure to seal it after new packaging.


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