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Ottogi Super Simple Kimchi Pancake Mix 320g

Ottogi Super Simple Kimchi Pancake Mix 320g


Ottogi Kimchi Pancake Mix 320g


Weight: 320g



* Dough mix wheat flour (wheat: American, Australia), corn starch (corn: imported (Russia, Hungary, Serbia, etc.)), rice flour, refined salt, sugar, starch processed products, baking powder (acidity regulator, starch), guar gum
* kimchi sauce 50% kimchi 90% {pickled cabbage (cabbage: domestic)}, mortgage, seasoning base {powder powder (dried pepper: made in china)}, lactic acid, red pepper powder (wheat, shrimp)


Allergy information:

This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities such as products using soybean, milk, egg and peanut ingredients.

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool place, and easily absorb odor, so do not store it in places where it smells such as oil, cosmetics, and soap.
Use it as soon as possible after opening, and keep the remaining products sealed in a refrigerator so that they are not contaminated with insects, foreign objects, or mold.

Caution: Be careful when cooking, as oil may splash and cause burns.

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