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Ottogi 3-minute Curry (Mild) 200g

Ottogi 3-minute Curry (Mild) 200g


Ottogi 3-minute curry (mild taste)


* Weight: 200g


* Ingredients:
purified water, onion (made in China), potato: American, acidity regulator), carrot, beef, jasmine, tropical fruit puree, milk cream (milk), curry paste 2% (curry powder 2.3%), sunflower Milk, mixure (modified starch, white sugar, dextrin), rice flour, uta sauce, curry powder 1.2%, white sugar, tomato paste, bone extract, refined salt, garlic, seasoning 2 (wheat), umami base, broth flavor mixed powder ( Soybean), beef extract, flavor enhancer, red pepper powder, spices.


* Precautions: This product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as products using shrimp, and pork.


* Storage method: Avoid severe impact and do not leave it opened.
This product is pressurized, heated and sterilized, so it can be preserved at room temperature for a long time.

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