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Pulmuone Wheat Noodle Tteokbokki 424g

Pulmuone Wheat Noodle Tteokbokki 424g


Pulmuone Wheat Noodle Tteokbokki 424g


Weight: 424 g



1. Wheat Tteokbokki Tteok-Wheat flour (wheat: produced in Australia), refined salt, alcohol, rice bran oil mixture

2. Soup Tteokbokki Sauce-6 kinds of vegetable extract base (Chinese cabbage (Korea), radish (Korea), garlic, onion, leek, ginger), red pepper paste (starch syrup, wheat flour (wheat: American, Australian), red pepper seasoning (Chinese), Pepper seasoning powder, refined salt, jongguk), sugar, Tteokbokki Jimmy base [green onion extract (green onion: Korea), seasoning mix (amino base (wheat gluten: produced in France)), onion extract concentrate P, beef extract GF, onion powder] onion , Hydrated glucose, brewed soy sauce, concentrated katsuo seasoning liquid, anchovy extract concentrate, onion extract J, mixed preparations (modified starch, maltodextrin), udon jimi enhancer, garlic extract concentrate-P, blueberry pepper powder, refined salt, paprika extract Pigment, multi-lom powder, leek and cabbage garnish-freeze-dried green onion 57.14% (made in China), dried cabbage 42.86% (made in China)

* Contains soybeans, wheat and beef


Storage method: Refrigerated storage


※ Depending on the manufacturer's circumstances, product design may be changed, and depending on the time of production and distribution, the product before the change of origin may be mixed and shipped.

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