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HP Capsaicin Spicy Sauce 550g

HP Capsaicin Spicy Sauce 550g


Haepyo Capsaicin Spicy Sauce 550g


Contents: 550 g


Ingredients: purified water, other fructose, starch syrup, oleoresin capsicum 4.0% (indian/natural red pepper extract) modified starch, emulsifier, fermented vinegar, refined salt (korean), sugar, alcohol, xanthan gum, sauce [seasoning solution S{ Pickled seasoning (korean)}, yucca extract (USA)], methyl paraoxybenzoate (preservative)


Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and depending on the time of production and distribution, products before the change of origin may be mixed and sent.

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