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[LX00023] Nongshim Baehongdong Bibimmyun (1pk / 4pks)

[LX00023] Nongshim Baehongdong Bibimmyun (1pk / 4pks)


Nongshim Baehongdong Bibimmyun (1pk / 4pks)


Contents: 1pk / 4pks



Noodles - Wheat flour (wheat: Australia, USA), palm oil (Malaysia), potato starch (Germany, Denmark), refined salt, noodles added alkali (acidity regulator), complex liquid tocopherol {glycerin, d-tocopherol (mixed type), emulsifier}, mixed agent (acidity regulator)


Soup - Red pepper paste, high fructose sugar, refined sugar, frozen red pepper paste, rapeseed oil, purified water, beef flavored soy sauce, onion, minced seasoning base, broth extract, refined salt, white vinegar, pear puree, garlic, dongchimi concentrate, citric acid, sesame oil, Red pepper powder, oleoresin cumin, guar gum, powdered caramel (caramel color, starch syrup powder), 5'-ribonucleotide disodium, disodium succinate, fragrant flavored milk, roasted sesame, roasted black sesame, roasted seaweed flakes


*Contains wheat, soybean, milk and beef

※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and depending on the time of production and distribution, products before the change of origin may be mixed and sent.

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