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Lotte Binch 102g

Lotte Binch 102g


Lotte Binch 102g


Weight: 102 g


Ingredients: Flour (imported), white sugar, cocoa preparation [whole milk powder, cocoa mass] (imported), cocoa mass (cocoa bean-Ghana, Ecuador), lactose, vegetable oil, shortening (partially hardened oil), cocoa butter, Whole powder gold 1, processed sugars, almond powder, acidity regulator, butter, lecithin, refined salt, whey protein powder, yeast, synthetic flavoring (vanilla flavor, milk flavor, vanillin), enzyme agent


Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

※ Product design may be changed depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, and the product before the change of origin may be mixed and shipped depending on the time of production and distribution.

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