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[LJ00024] K 청정원 나가사키 짬뽕 분말 96g

[LJ00024] K 청정원 나가사키 짬뽕 분말 96g


청정원 나가사키 짬뽕 분말 96g

CJW ​​Nagasaki Jjamppong Powder 96g


Nagasaki Jjamppong Powder (60g)-starch (corn: imported), Nagasaki Jjamppong Base 11.0% [dextrin, white sugar, pork backbone paste (Korea), brewed soy sauce (degrees bean: Indian), vegetable jjamppong base (Chinese), frozen garlic/pork, soybean, wheat, shellfish (mussels, oysters), pork extract powder [dextrin, pork bone concentrate (don bone extract (Korea), refined salt (Korea), P.B.Eggis {pig backbone (Korea), pork (Korea), refined salt (Korea), salt, yeast extract/shrimp, crab], Dextrin, Complex Marine Base {Dextrin, Refined Salt, White Sugar, Frozen Chili, Hwangtae Exeges, Daegu Bone Exeges/Clams (Clams), Squid}, Oyster Base Powder (Dextrin, Frozen Cave, Refined Salt, Amino Acid, White Sugar), Functional Crystallized Glucose, Sagol Exeges Powder (Starch syrup, Sagol Exeges, whey powder, Refined Salt, Sodium Casein), Sodium L-Glutamine (Favor enhancer), Stir-Fried Onion Powder, Soup Base, Shrimp Seasoning Powder, Mussel Exeges Powder, Mat Teacher Base, Fresh River Powder, Pepper Nagasaki-style Jjamppong Meat Soup (36g)-Pork Concentrate (36g)-Pork Extract [Pork Extract [Korea Soup], Reduction Midang, Refined Water, Chinese Pungmi Oil (Imported), Dried Yangpa (China), Dried Green Tea Flavor Flavor Flavor/Doo}, Sodium L-Glutamine Acid (Sodium Flavor enhancer), Dextrin, Coolmate (beef), Garlic Flavor Flavor Flavor Flavor, Mixing Agent (Maltodextrin), Grild Fork Concentrate, Grild Fork Concentrate, Per Solublublucicom,




Allergy Advice:
For allergens, see ingredients in bold or underlined.

* It may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, wheat, soybean, milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, celery, mustard, molluscs, crustaceans and sesame seeds. 


Store in a cool and dry place, once opened consume immediately.


Country of Origin:
Product of South Korea

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