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[MY00001] Strawberry Roll Cake 1ea

[MY00001] Strawberry Roll Cake 1ea


집에서 만나는 부드러운 한국 베이커리! 208 Korean Bakery(007빵)를 슈퍼맨 런던에서 당일 배송으로 갓 만든 신선한 빵을 집에서 만나보세요!


밀가루, 우유, Free-range 달걀 등 유기농 및 친환경 재료를 사용하여 건강까지 생각한 208 Korean Bakery(007빵)입니다. 위생등급도 5를 받아서 깨끗하고 안전한 베이커리입니다.



Get fresh bread from 208 Korean Bakery(007빵) with Same-day Delivery
in Superman London!

208 Korean Bakery(007빵) uses only Organic ingredients such as Organic flour, organic milk, and free-range eggs for caring customers, getting a Food hygiene rating of 5 as “Very Good”.


딸기롤케이크 / Strawberry Roll Cake


Length: 17cm

Organic Flour (WHEAT, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine), Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Free Range EGG, MILK, Fresh Cream (MILK), Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract Allergy

We handle ALL ALLERGENS including NUTS, SESAME&PEANUTS, So we can't guarantee the food is allergen-free.

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