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[MJ00063] Han Sang Premium Kimchi Flavoured Dumpling 700G

[MJ00063] Han Sang Premium Kimchi Flavoured Dumpling 700G


한상 명품김치왕교자 700g


Han Sang Premium Kimchi Flavoured Dumpling 700G



Net Wt: 700G

Please note : *Product will defrost during delivery and the dumplings may stick together*


Ingredients: Wheat flour(Cereals containing gluten), Salted cabbage(Cabbage, Salt), Soybean, Kimchi[Cabbage, Salted shrimp, Salted anchovy, Red pepper powder, Spring onion, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Kelp sauce(Water, Kelp extract)], Spring onion, Soybean curd(Soybean), Cabbage, Leek, Shortening(Palm oil, Antioxidant(E306)), Sweet potato, Sugar, Radish, Vinegar(Malt, Water, Ethyl alcohol), Flavour enhancer(E621), Red pepper powder, Sesame oil, Salt, Potato starch, Emulsifier(Corn syrup, Soybean oil, Lecithin, Ethyl alcohol, Glycerin esters of fatty acids), Seasoning powder(Corn powder, Glucose, Ginger), Gluten, Rice powder, Black pepper powder.


Allergy Advice:For allergens, see ingredients in bold or underlined.


* It may contain traces of egg. Storage:Keep frozen.


Do not refreeze once thawed.


Country of Origin: Product of Korea

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